Pre-DA Tryout Questions

What is the Pre-DA?
The Pre-DA program will be our highest-level program within USYS/US Club. It is what CUP GOLD and KHA RED teams currently participate in. They will compete in USYS Youth National Championship Series Events.

Do I have to attend the DA Identification Center on May 22 to be considered for the Pre-DA?
No. The Pre-DA tryouts are different than the Identification Center on May 22. Register for the Pre-DA tryouts on our website and attend to be considered for a team.

Do I need to attend both the DA and Pre-DA to get placed on a team within Cincinnati Development Academy?
The DA is an invitation only program and our Pre-DA program will follow local league and Ohio South regulations regarding tryouts. These are separate teams. If a player wants to be considered for the Development Academy team only, there is a registration and that player attends the identification center on May 22. If a player wants to tryout for the Pre-DA, there is a separate registration and that player attends the Pre-DA tryout dates. 

How will I be notified?
Pre-Development Teams-All players will receive a phone call from a staff member within CDA. Once all players have been confirmed, an email will be sent to those players who did not make the tryout. Within the registration for Pre-DA tryouts, a player will be able to click what club they would prefer to play at if they do not make a Pre-DA team. This will allow our staff to then place those players in the environment that best suits them and also allows us to place that player without attending another tryout.

If I make a Development Academy team and choose not to participate, am I automatically placed on the Pre-DA team?
No. The tryouts for the Pre-DA team are separate and will be held on a different date than DA Identification Center. Since these teams play in different leagues, the Pre-DA tryouts have to stay separate from the DA Identification Center.

Do I have to attend a CUP/Cincinnati United or KHA/Kings Hammer SC tryout if I attend the Pre-DA tryout?
No, but if you would like to attend, that would be great! Our staff is going to be as proactive as possible in placing kids and respectful of time.

How much will it cost?
Cost will be announced prior to offers being made. See the website for more details.

Where can I find more information?
Our website is a great resource and has all information.

Who do I contact for more information?
Please contact Tiffany Roberts ( or Bobby Puppione ( with any additional questions.